Sample Client Questionnaire

As I writes this post it is pouring rain outside. Buckets!! Wow – do we need it, but all I can think of is that I definitely must get up to Tahoe!  The skiing must be amazing!

Here’s some useful information for you. This was a handout from Jennifer Cunneen when she taught the marital planning class in 2012 in San Jose. Jennifer is a very experienced estate planner from San Jose. She also includes some dual representation language which is absolutely necessary when drafting a trust for a husband and wife.

Many attorneys like to send questionnaires to clients before an initial meeting to save everyone’s time and make the process more efficient. I think this works for some clients but not all. Some clients feel overwhelmed when they get these questionnaires and may need some hand holding to go through them. I usually tell clients finish as much as you can before you come into to meet with me and we can go  over the rest in our initial meeting. This at least gets the procrastinators in your door which is necessary to get the whole process going.



Client Questionnaire & Dual Representation


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